Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dream a little dream

Ever tried to analyse your dreams?  On the whole I think the process is rather filled with bunkum but at times I do see a connection between the dream and something that has happened that day or recently.
I have very vivid dreams and often remember them in the morning.  Thankfully they are most often pleasant.  There are some that seem to be repetitive either in theme or place or people. 
There is a house in one of mine, a house with lots of rooms and beds and verandahs. There are always lots of people staying over, kids in beds and usually other family members...one long room with many beds and others with just one or two.  There are several bathrooms and rooms I haven't found yet... but on the whole it is the same each time I dream it... - this one I think might be in reaction to my cluttered and non-conducive to visitors home.
Often times my dreams are sited in my childhood home...sort of... the outdoor is reminiscent of there but will often have other places attached to that scene.... a house where in reality there was a rackgreen, the house that was divided off by acres of vines now somehow close by or even a house from somewhere else in my life sitting in that locale.... - I have come to very few conclusions about that one.
There are at times the 'putting the foot on the brake' to no effect dreams and the rolling backwards whilst driving ones.  These I can remember seeing in dream analyses, apparently universal and quite common at times of stress and uncertainty.
Maybe it is my age but I am beginning to relate to the elderly who seem to live in the past....my dreams often seem to be situated there and with my children somewhat younger than they are now, sometimes mixed up with my siblings as children, sometimes with one child as an adult and another as much younger than they are now....there seems no rhyme nor reason on their aging.....  I wonder whether that is a foretaste of the mental state one gets into when and if we reach old age and its often accompanying cognitive challenges.
Even now often my dreams feel like a bit of an escape and even whilst dreaming them I can remember kind of  questioning or looking for ties to real life.
The other night I actually dreamed that I was dreaming and proceeded to tell one of my dream characters about the dream that I had had and what I thought it meant..... when I woke in the morning I remembered the movie Inception and thought that the writers must have had similar experiences to come up with the concept of dreams within dreams and differing levels of the subconscious.
Thankfully I very rarely have a night when I can't sleep but if I do wake, I will try to remember a favourite dream and rethink myself back into it.... it often works and I am able to send myself to dreamland and sleep again.... If it doesn't work filling out a few numbers in a Sudoku grid is usually enough to allow me to go back to sleep.
Not sure what any of this has to do with anything really....except that of course I am supposed to be doing assignments and am procrastinating badly...
Dreams are fun but they don't help when writing assignments.
Dreaming of the day when my wont to have that 'piece of paper' has been assuaged and I can once again know what free time looks and feels like.