Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Farewell, much sadder

Little did I know when I signed in to Facebook midway through Tuesday morning....
the emotions that would surface, the devastation I would feel as I read of the sudden, unexpected, death of a young, vibrant, sassy mum.
She was one of a group of mums (and a couple of dads) that I met online over the last about 10 years.  We 'wrote' each other through pregnancies (theirs not mine) through separations, divorces, illness and general everyday trials.  Girls who did not know each other became close friends and gradually those online friendships moved into 'real life' with small meetups for coffee then in the latter years we held a Jamboree where a large group of us from all over Australia got together for some meals and shopping and a general wonderful time.  K was right in there, taking photos, telling stories, sharing her life....We are so going to miss that.
She was such a loving mum who adored her kids and her 'spunky' husband. So talented with her new business and so full of joy!  I can't imagine how he and they will be feeling...beyond, beyond sad....
We are all so sad.
I have found it hard to pick myself up for the last couple of days and have been going back over our site, reliving memories.....there are so many on there both good and bad.... a real HEART place.
Over the last couple of years the original forum has been left behind to a certain extent as other online sites have come into play but the relationships that formed there have remained extremely strong and like families in crisis often come to each others needs, so have the members of this group, supporting both K's family and each other.
I am sure though that these relationships would never have developed in the new world of FB.  It is okay to keep in touch there but to form the deep connection that these young people (and a couple of us oldies) have there has to be a forum where it is safe to air ones sorrows and deep feelings, and tell our joys and successes.
I for one am so glad we had that place, and hope that we manage to keep it alive and well so that those relationships can be nurtured and that even more young mums and dads can find a connection and a safe place to vent and celebrate and form that 'family' relationship that we have.
I have also been constantly going to her FB page, reading and looking at the photos with such a sense of unreality, almost waiting for the next posting....or wishing desperately that it might come.... and that a HUGE mistake has been made.  But this is the reality of life, we MUST make the most of today as that is all we can be sure of.
I am so going to miss her vibrancy, the almost daily photo updates, the joy that flew from the screen, even through the rants and raves and more than that I am in mourning for the loss that her husband and children are having to face, and that they no longer have her there caring so deeply for them.
Farewell my friend, we will miss you.

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