Saturday, January 22, 2011

The happy and the sad.

Well my bags AREN'T packed and I'm NOT ready to go, but I am leaving on a (not JET) plane...... at 6.30am tomorrow morning to travel to, then through Melbourne to farewell my young friend.  Between now and then there are a myriad of things to do but I have been racing round all day so am trying to find the energy and brain resources to get my packing done.  I haven't as yet booked my home flight but I think I will see what happens tomorrow as to whether I come home on the late plane or stay overnight.....somewhere....
The washing machine is going and I am giving some thought to what I should put into my bag....but.....
It is in the high 30's here today but I see low 20's there tomorrow, so layers will no doubt be the choose the colour, grab the clothes and do it.....hmmm....should be simple.
I feel rather like I did when my Dad was dying, I had booked to do Work Place Training and Assessment at a University in Toorak... I had paid my fare with non exchangeable tickets and had paid out several hundred $$ to do the course.  I had spent 80 of the previous 120 hrs sitting at the hospital with Dad, so decided that rather than lose the money, I would go....
When I got to Melbourne it struck me that on all previous trips my daughter had been there to greet me and take me to where I needed to be....she was back home looking after her siblings... I caught a taxi, shared to the city with someone met on the footpath, then out to the Uni, $52 was my share...this is 10 yrs ago so felt like a LOT of money.  Anyway I muddled on and got to the training room, to eventually discover that the instructor didn't turn up and the course was cancelled.... I had not planned where I was to stay or how I was to get around.... It ended up that (very much pre p2p) one who was to join our group came to meet me and I stayed with her, was put on the plane back home the next morning, my daughter got my ticket changed, and I was with my Dad as he died a day later.  The Uni reimbursed me ALL out of pocket expenses, .... a fairly wild 24hrs but it did get me out of the hospital and allowed me a bit of a breather but then I was back where I was needed and not out of pocket....sometimes decisions are the right ones.....
I am hoping tomorrow's decision is the right one too... this time the death has already happened but I am equally unprepared and stepping out in faith that it will all work out.
The HAPPY news is that my previously very much single 'baby' sister, at 37 is engaged, and has set a date.... Aug 6, catch is the venue is LONDON....not sure that I will be able to work out THOSE logistics....or the financial side to get us there, but I guess it is on my wish list and I will see if I can make it earned income, studying full time, just used my squirrellings to buy my car....yerrrr sure I can.
Time will tell.
Well I better go and get packing or I will run out of time to get myself to Kylie's farewell and at the moment that is my focus and my intent.

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